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Cheap Dedicated Hosting only $50 per year


Plans dedicated servers: starting from$ 79, 99/ month

If You need someone to medium create website website level - enterprise, up to Bluehost is a great option with different packages for dedicated servers in accordance with your budget. Bluehost provide some of the features listed with a price to create a better option if You don't know how to make a server or go through the setup as early as it could be.

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The Server on Bluehost starts at$79, 99/ month and are listed 1TB of hard drive space, 16GB of RAM, and 15TB of information transfer per month. Bluehost also want to set the server for You and create a configuration of Custom made bounty bonus. Bluehost also has the equipment monitoring in the web as well as an easy-to-use so you can prepare what you need in a short time.

Uptime create a Bluehost is feasible throughout the last 6 months, the average at 99, 97% with most aground in the last 90 days. Support existing customers 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week through Bluehost, and You can contact them through live chat. My experience with customer service Bluehost is always positive. I can have a dialogue with a representative via live broadcast in less than 2 minutes.

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Plans dedicated servers: starting from$ 124. 50/ month

HostGator offers some good options for those who want to buy a package of the dedicated servers. This provider offers fewa features listed customization of SSD storage, RAM, as well as the transfer of information. HostGator provide the transfer of information is not limited, which is better than the majority of the host server hosting provider.

hostgator - dedicated - server - price

You can create Linux and windows host that is dedicated. The subject of this means if You want to familiarize server You with different applications in a particular language. You can install all type of application into the server You listed WordPress or CMS platforms other, because You are going to have a lot of space on the server itself.

Uptime is already relied upon for HostGator, remaining at 99, 99%, and customer service discussion featuring HostGator is reliable and offers options support a wide customer.


HostGator provide a decent price for a good server dedicated with lots of features listed settings custom was inaugurated from the squad of their customer service. Security options can be so extra. The lowest price also must be purchased in advance instead of monthly price.

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Plans dedicated servers: starting from$ 199, discounts are available

You can create a Linux-based and Windows - based server on the Liquid of the Website. Other benefits are that there is no Hosting through the Liquid of the Website, So every time You buy a plan, You are obtaining a host and a particular server. There are several different configurations for selected, listed high - end, dual - core processor that starts at$859/ month.

If You're looking for just the basics, You can start with dedicated their hosting plan at$199. This is server is a single processor if you wish obliged to control itself without all the bells as well as whistles.

Uptime on Liquid standard Website on 99998% with most of the failure in the last 6 months are downgrading their rating. Support customer friendly and are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Liquid Website has several plan levels SMB different what do you want to live with the storage of You. Price comparison between Liquid Website can evolve kala ye increase more storage and features. You can start with the server that is small and growing You gentlemen package through the options but it will not the Website of the liquid.

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Plans dedicated servers: starting from$99, 99/ month

Want to take control of the server You with 3TB storage? If so Lnmotion have a server that is good for you. Lnmotion only offers Linux-based web server. The Server arrives with 64GB RAM, which is very impressive as the industry standard is 16GB.

The Server Of The Dedication Of Induction

But, one defender interior wish to be a limit on the transfer of information. The majority of providers offer the transfer of information is not limited, but InMotion wish to set the limits You create 15TB information monthly. This is generally not a problem as well as can so anyway so is not limited.

Lnmotion not have problems with uptime and always 99, 99% average throughout the last 6 months. Support their customers a little less, and You do not wish to create support technical there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Lnmotion offer a good price for dedicated servers that provide the entire space and RAM to build up cloud machine whatever you want. But, there is a lack of customization options and features freely included with other servers. You are obliged to pay more for having a server You set up through Lnmotion.

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